Oh, you have the next big startup idea? Umm... make sure if it is really that big.

This certainly has happened with almost every wantrepreneur (wannabe entrepreneur) out there. Every now and then, or in some cases, once in a while we have been struck by an idea which we think would be the next big thing. Though the thought is exhilarating and unavoidable, we can't and shouldn't let ourselves get deceived by our own brain.

Then what are we supposed to do? Well, as suggested by the famous Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur and academician Steve Blank, you have to refrain from thinking about the viability of the idea yourself and have to:
and talk to minimum 100 real people (or your potential customers) and ask them to validate your idea. Ask them everything which comes to your mind related to your idea. Questions like what they think of it, would they use it, how much would they happily pay for it etc.

One of the book you should read for perfecting this art taught by Steve Blank is:

After successfully going through this phase you'll be having an amazing feedback on your idea and you will find it surprising that how much plus points those people have told you and how many things which your idea was lacking or the things which could have been proven disastrous later has been pointed out by them.

Now that you have all the insights and useful feedback, you can act accordingly. If maximum number of people have given positive response then you are good to go and if maximum of them has given negative response then with the insights available you can work on tweaking your initial idea to match it to the user demand and voila you also are good to go!

This process is called 'Idea validation' and is really important as it can save you a lot of time and money by refraining you from working on something nobody wants. So make sure you follow and execute this step as best as you can!

Read this book for more insights on the 'Idea validation' process:

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