Why being just passionate is not enough?

We often hear terms like:
Find your passion!
People with great passion can make the impossible happen.
which makes us feel that the only thing we need to turn into next billionaire is 'passion'.


But, let me tell you from my experience that passion alone is not enough. The thing you need with passion is 'execution'. If you don't know how to execute then your passion would be of no use.

I started learning programming 5 years ago when I was 17. I was extremely passionate about it & used to code all night. Then I came to know about the android development thing and find it really interesting. I started learning it and once I had a good command over it, my passion increased tenfold. I developed my first app named 'ColorMe' and then my second app named 'Every Thing You Want To Know'. Though, these 2 apps were not that much of a use, they gave my passion an enormous amount of boost & then I started searching for problems to solve.

So I thought that the world is getting online and mobile-centric. People are using internet and apps for chatting, cooking, staying fit, remaining connected with their pals and for what not. Why not there must be an app which lets users help the homeless and poor peoples out there. Therefore, I started looking into it and the result was HumaneHelper. This was the result of my passion but because I failed to execute, HumaneHelper never saw the light of the day.

Similar thing happened with my next app named 'Sportal' on which I spent 3.5 months developing it and even hired a designer for the UI & app icon. But then again I developed the app successfully with passion but it failed due to lack of execution.

Sadly, something similar is going to happen with my current app which is 'Tradely'. I haven't put any efforts in the execution yet and the app is still just sitting there.

So yeah, that's all I wanted to say and share with all you "just passionate" people out there! Passion is not enough. You need to learn how to execute & you need to move out of your comfort zone. I;m still figuring out how do that.

You can read this helpful book for learning the process of Execution.

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  1. Yeah

    I think passion just work as spark for the innovation of something(to start it) but the execution takes the innovative idea to realization.

    And in order to get out of our comfort zone we have to take decisions which are independent of our passive side of brain(means no constrains of comfort)
    What I figured out to go beyond our comfort is
    1. Plan your goal (independent of your passive brain)
    2. Find some other individuals of having same goal (optional)
    3. Ready to face any type of unexpected situations (during your execution time)
    4. Last but not least, You may have to be a lone wolf for long time so believe in yourself


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