Want to start a billion dollar startup? Stop thinking about ideas and start looking for problems.

Yes! You read that right. If you want to start a billion dollar startup and you are looking for ideas to work on then most probably you are doing it wrong. Why? As said by famous entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist Paul Graham:

So, basically what you have to do is think of a problem that a big population is facing (recommended: including you) and then come up with a solution which is easy to implement as well as easy to scale and helps those facing the problem in the best way possible.

The reason why it is recommended to have that problem yourself is that it ensures that the problem actually exists and you are not merely making it up in your brain. Because, if you'd work on a solution for a problem that does not exists then without any doubt it'd be a failure.

I would recommend this book for some amazing points to keep in mind while looking for a problem:

Now, just start observing yourself deeply doing your daily activities and try to figure out that where you faced irritation and thought that this thing could have been better if such a feature or any other thing would have been present in it.

This is where you start coming up with some problems present in today's world waiting to be solved and now is your chance to solve them! How to start solving it? Well, you can buy this book for some amazing advice:

or can visit ycombinator.com for expert help!

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